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Integrated Document Management
Is your department bogged down with paperwork?

Integrated document management IDM offers a low-cost solution when too much paper is the problem. IT is designed for high-volume document imaging. The options usually include electronic document management, workflow tracking, report management, records management, electronic forms, image archiving, computer output to laser disk and Web image publishing.

IDM addresses specific needs to imaging by::
  • Capturing modules drive document scanners and applying indexing information and advanced software automating the process with barcode and optical character recognition (OCR).
  • User interfaces supporting scores of image types and viewing options and applying annotations and redaction.
  • Caching images in online storage to speed retrieval.
  • Publishing features off-load images to Web-accessible archives or CDs/DVDs that can be distributed to customers or remote locations.

Enterprise Document Management Solutions

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These systems are often deployed in just one or two departments, usually accounts payable and human resources. However, these installations often grow as line-of-business and departmental managers recognize there ’s a better way to deal with paperwork.

Sometimes, however, line-of-business applications are a starting point for IDM. The desire for fast, efficient self-service led to an IDM deployment at Microsoft Licensing. A subsidiary of Microsoft, this unit’s business is administering both volume licensing and OEM licensing for Microsoft customers and partners. This process involves as many as 3,000 pages per day.

Even though Microsoft Licensing had a homegrown imaging system, they upgraded to an IDM system called PaperVision Enterprise* to gain auto-indexing and Web-publishing features.

The new system enabled them to put all their contracts on a Web server, and now users can call them up and e-mail copies to customers. It used to take three to four minutes for each request. Self-service has eliminated more than 100 hours of labor per month. Also, the new system has reduced data-entry costs because OCR is used to capture agreement and tracking numbers and index images as the contracts are scanned.

When considering IDM projects, look at your organization’s enterprisewide needs. Begin by getting an accurate fix on the scale and diversity of content across your organization and if the needs or plans encompass Web sites, intranets, portals and Web-based applications as well as documents.

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